When Seasons Change

Any mother who has ever had a problem with a child has been given the age old advice “It doesn’t last forever”. (I still haven’t figured out how this is helpful or comforting but that’s beside the point). The point they are getting at is that seasons of life are always changing. Teething doesn’t last throughout the childhood years. Midnight feedings are only necessary a few months out of the baby’s life. Terrible twos (or threes) and even the teenage years eventually come to an end.

But you know what else changes? Jobs. Some people change careers or lose employment all together. Friends. They move away. Houses and neighborhoods, churches and schools, the list could go on. But when we are in the midst of something good, comfortable and happy, we don’t think about how it could all change in an instant.

I don’t like change

Change is scary to me. If I can’t see the outcome (and I usually can’t because I’m not God) I get very anxious. But I’m sure I’ve told you all about that. I don’t like leaving a comfortable situation for an unknown. I don’t like giving up the things that have made me happy especially when all I can think about is how the next season would be miserable. In other words, I like my comfort zone because…it’s comfortable.

I serve an immutable God.

If you read through the Psalms, then you’ll very quickly see that the Israelites often rehearsed the mighty works of God.Some say it’s because they were passing on their heritage┬áto the next generation, and that was certainly part of it. But they were also reminding themselves of God’s faithfulness and immutability.

They would look back over hundreds of years (because the Psalms were used even in New Testament times for worship) and remember the God who rescued them from Egypt, and then years later from Babylon. They would recall the many battles God fought for them and won. They would see His provision through the manna and water in the wilderness and praise Him. This not only reminded them of where they came from, but also of the fact that their God had been for them all these years, so what could stand against him?

Remember who He is

So dear friends, if you are going through a season of change or wishing one would come remember this: We serve a God who is the same yesterday, today and forever. So while your life goes through it’s many ups and downs, He will stay beside you. As an old pastor of mine said “He’s been faithful before, so you can rest assured He will be faithful now”.

Now please don’t think that I am trying to downplay the curve balls life has thrown you. On the contrary, I’m trying to remind you of the hope that we as Christians have in the One who has called us. He has placed us where we are not necessarily to thrive, although we certainly can, but to grow in our dependence on Him and to learn to praise Him in the storms and calms of life. And if you find yourself struggling to praise Him, read through a few Psalms. One in particular that stood out to me today was Psalm 111. Also, this song by Keith and Kristyn Getty is one of my favorites in times of difficult changes and is a great reminder of his faithfulness. But if nothing else remember this:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

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