Is the Method holding you back?

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this before but I love routines! I love planners and pens. I enjoy reading books and articles about planning the perfect day/week/season. I’ve pinned several different cleaning routines and plans on Pinterest with then intention of trying all of them. And don’t even get me started on the number of different meal planning strategies I have found and want to try.

Eventually I get around to trying the many different plans and methods I hear or read about and discover that they are to hard or complicated. They just flat out don’t work, But rather than go on the hunt for a new method that will work, I give up all together. In other words, if a meal planning strategy doesn’t work, I stop meal planning. If a cleaning schedule is to hard to keep up with, I don’t clean my house. If a Bible reading or prayer plan doesn’t work for me, I don’t use one at all and just “fly by the seat of my pants” if you will.

In short, instead of propelling me to my goals, sometimes I let the methods hold me back.

Getting over My Laziness

Often when I let a method hold me back, it’s because I’m lazy and just don’t want to do that thing.

Meal planning is time consuming, and since I haven’t found a strategy that actually cuts back on planning time, I just don’t do it. Prayer time has always been a struggle for me. I write out my prayers word for word (for various reasons) and I went through a season where I wanted to shorten the process. But after stumbling around with different plans and methods, I came back to writing out my full prayers. We’ve been in our house for months now and I have yet to establish a cleaning routine and I’ve told myself that since I don’t have a plan, I guess I can’t clean. Do you see the pattern of laziness?

I realize that I just need to get over my own laziness, quit making excuses and just get stuff done.

Getting Over my Ignorance

Sometimes though, when I try and fail at a certain method, it’s because I didn’t fully understand the method.

I discovered my tendency to “method ignorance” recently when my pastor taught about prayer. He talked about praying the Bible and using the Psalms as prompts. Now I had heard about this strategy before and tried it. But I kept running into Psalms that had nothing to do with my circumstances couldn’t figure out how to make them fit in my prayer writing in a timely fashion, so I stopped doing it. But when he encouraged us to take the words from the psalmists and said nothing about what order to use them in, it finally clicked: I don’t have to pray the verses in the order they appear, they don’t have to be verses from the “chapter of the day”, or even verses from the same chapter, they just need to be verses from the Bible (even from Leviticus).

Getting over my Pride

Sometimes, my lack of desire in continuing a practice is due to my fear of failing and how that will make me look.

I don’t like failing. I very much dislike being bad at something (and when I’m judging myself, anything less than perfect is bad…but I only hold myself to this standard.)

This is pride, plain and simple. My lack of desire to try something again is because I simply don’t like to show weakness or failure

Stop, so You can Start

Can you relate to any of these problems? Have you given up on things because the methods aren’t working or the process is to hard?

Maybe you just need to understand a method better, maybe you need to find a way to motivate yourself. Or maybe you need to swallow your pride and just jump in. Whatever you need to do, remember God gives grace. As a christian, you are a slave of Christ which means you are no longer a slave to the world, and that includes man-made methods of accomplishing earthly tasks.

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