When was the last time you really thought about how your words and tone are influencing those around you?

I think most Christians will tell you that prayer is one of the spiritual disciplines they struggle with most. I would be lying if I didn't admit the same struggle. I've read about or heard about many different methods of prayer, but I have a hard time trying to make them work for me. I try one, and when it doesn't work, I always fall back to this one method that never fails to keep me engaged in payer: written out prayer.

I know what you're thinking. "She waited until October to write about fall stuff?" Well...yes. For the simple reason of it's FINALLY starting to feel like fall here in Oklahoma. (Although, I'm trying not to be too excited because the weather does so like to trick me...). Even though it's only just now feeling like fall, I wasted no time making sure it looked and smelled like fall in my house. And these are the 5 main things I've used religiously since well before the first official day of fall.

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